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..... Back in the 80's, when Thomas Dolby & Depeche Mode were my heroes (& still are),

 I found myself becoming frustrated viewing my synthesizer modules laying flat on my trusty Korg Poly 800 (which was of course perched on an ironing board!) whilst trying to compose music and sound f/x. After attending Art college in the late 80's,

I started incorporating my artistic ideas with a little influence from artists such as

Roger Dean & Chris Foss into designing & creating what became my unique avant garde 'Wave Bone' custom panels & stands which hold these instruments at a much more pleasing & usable angle. Although I have worked as a stage props designer, graphic designer & computer engineer, I also started this small hobby business in 2009. Since then I have sold 1000's of my products all over the globe with many happy customers who have been both enthusiastic & supportive towards me & my hobby-work.

I have recently spent a lot of my spare time doing commissioned custom work, and am always happy to consider / discuss new designs.

My philosophy & aim is to offer unique style & good quality at a very affordable price.

Thank you for your valued interest & support. 

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